L.I.F.E. Animal Rescue and Sanctuary

Forever Love, Forever Home

Love Is Forever (L.I.F.E) Animal Rescue and Sanctuary came about because a small group of animal lovers and rescuers, had a dream of a rescue where homeless animals could find sanctuary while they await a forever home. Rescue and sanctuary...the meaning of these words is important to us as these are our two main goals. Rescue: To save someone or something from danger or harm. Sanctuary: A place where someone or something is protected and given shelter.

An animal's love is forever. And they deserve a life, where they are loved forever in return. Love Is Forever will be focusing on ensuring that all homeless pets find a forever home and that pets currently in homes, stay in their homes. We want the animals in our care to have the benefits of enrichment and training programs to help them become more readily adoptable and to be prepared for living in a home one day.

Each of us involved in founding L.I.F.E want to do right by the animals.  This we feel is best done slow. Start small and within our means. However, we all have a houseful of animals. To bring too many more in would be unfair to the rescue fosters and unfair to our personal animals. What we do have is some land and an unused 8x10 shed. So we started dreaming and planning. Large roomy kennels that mimic the feel of a room in a house with a large outdoor enclosure, obedience training, and socialization with other dogs. Matching pets to forever homes and providing resources to help ensure that it stays that way. So many dreams and so many plans. And it's almost time for our plans to come to fruition. Stay tuned for progress updates on our kennels and play yards. 

8x10 unused shed
Making Progress: almost done with the inside kennel!
Plenty of room for a large kennel!
Inside Kennel: Move in Ready!!!
Kennel plans begin!
Outdoor kennel is ready for some house training!
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